The Rule of 1221 – Intro and Preamble

The Rule of the Association of the Brothers and Sisters of Penance of St. Francis is the First Rule of the Third Order of St. Francis of 1221, Memoriale Propositi. The title Brothers and Sisters of Penance of St. Francis is abbreviated using the acronym BSP in these articles and statutes. The word chapter, as used herein, refers to local groups consisting of two or more members. Ministers in this private Catholic Association are those whose function is to serve the local chapter, or Association, in a leadership capacity. The Rule of 1221 is in BOLD font and the Modern Statutes in regular font. Members of the Association, while in formation or once they are professed, live according to the statutes.

These statutes have been approved by the Church, through the late Father Valerius Messerich O.F.M., the first Visitor of the Association. Also, more recently, through Father Robert Altier, the current visitor of the Association and its Administrators, Bruce and Shelley Fahey BSP, at his request.